GEA’s Scholarships Schemes

GEA is pleased to offer scholarships schemes in humanities and social science subjects for emerging scholars in the Middle East & North Africa. Our scholarships will cover the cost of providing bespoke publication assistance for eligible applicants to publish their humanities-based articles internationally.

We are aware of the unfortunate disadvantage of humanities subjects & scholars in receiving appropriate attention & funding from their own institutions. To inclusively serve the emerging elites GEA in collaboration with a number of international institutions and corporations, will provide scholarships for humanities scholars who would not otherwise be able to access our services.

GEA scholarship schemes will be available for Iranian & Arab scholars who wish to publish their articles internationally. The subjects for which applicants are welcome to apply for scholarship scheme are mentioned below:

The following subjects have priority for receiving the scholarship awards
although awards for work focusing on other areas will also be considered:

  • Legal affairs including judiciary reform, rule of law, religious tolerance, freedom of expression and association and human right debates from legal as well as religious perspectives
  • Politics including good governance, public policy & accountability and democratic procedures
  • Sociology including social attitudes towards pluralism, religious and ethnic minorities
  • Gender studies with focus on women’s socio-political & economic participation, domestic violence and gender bias
  • Ethnic & minority studies with focus on the concept & implication of nation-state, citizenship & equality
  • Philosophical & ideological trends with focus on modern & traditional schools of thought in contemporary history
  • Digital business & marketing including religiously conscious marketing, secular and religiously driven charities
  • Art & Culture including visual and written media, art for religious or political ends or autonomous art, the role of art in cultural tensions and in easing tensions

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For Iranian Scholars

Your primary language will be Farsi

For Arabic Scholars

Your primary language will be Arabic