In an increasingly competitive international marketplace, the emerging elites including academics and educators need to enhance their international status & recognition. Global Elite Alliance offers high quality academic assistance to evaluate & enhance original research conducted by emerging scholars in the Middle East & North Africa.

GEA is equipped with the best Arabic & Persian to English translators as well as academically qualified proof readers to ensure that research by our affiliates can be read & assessed by well-established academics for further improvement & ultimately be published in internationally reputable publications. GEA will act as an interlocutor between globally renowned academic & analytical institutions, think tanks & publication houses and our affiliates who wish to pursue excellence in their field and serve their societies.

Global Elite Alliance has an excellent pool of renowned scholars in EU and US universities as its board of advisors to help improve shortlisted articles for publication.

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GEA welcomes applications for publication of original research or book reviews in Arabic and Persian from young researchers (MA and PhD students and recently graduated scholars in the humanities or social sciences. To take part you need to apply to become an affiliate at GEA in addition to providing your CV and original article.

Global Elite Alliance will act as an interlocutor between globally renowned academic and analytical institutions. Currently GEA accepts application from MA & PhD students as well as recently graduated scholars in humanities disciplines who wish to publish their research internationally. After initial acceptance of your application GEA proactively engages with the writers to enhance the quality of submitted articles in both content and style.

Based on the quality of original article and its potential to be published in academic or analytical publications, GEA will advise applicants on the pricing or scholarship scheme that can be offered.

Article Guidelines


GEA publication services includes:

  • Critical proof reading in the original language i.e. Arabic, Persian or English to enhance the quality of the original article
  • Professional translation from Arabic or Persian to English, French or Dutch
  • Academic proof reading and editing of the translated piece by internationally acclaimed scholars
  • Providing recommendations as to which journals the article should be submitted, based on professional expertise in the relevant area
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Article Guidelines
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