The year 2015 was extremely successful for the University of Massachusetts as it got awarded 65 patents in the cutting edge research.

The proud President Marty Meehan declares that the achievement in research resulting in record-breaking 65 patents is more than inspiring and hopefully will be motivating not only for the students of University of Massachusetts. Such results according to the President Meehan generate a competition that promotes innovation and is crucial for the global economy.

University of Massachusetts is well-known for being a leader in innovation, yet this year was critical as it was granted 65 unique patents news-uni-mass-logoin 12 months by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The main contributors are the Medical and Mass Biologics departments of the University of Massachusetts, however besides that the Fiscal Year patents were from diverse fields including agriculture, life sciences, plastics engineering, clear air technology, nanotechnology, textile technology, gene therapy and other.

The University of Massachusetts definitely seems to be striving for the best academic results as additionally to the patent awards in 2015 it launches 29 new licences that can be building up on later. Moreover, the university produced 201 faculty invention disclosures and 138 patent implications. It is thus apparent that not all disclosures become patents and not all patents turn into products in the end; nevertheless, those numbers are record-breaking. Additionally, the year 2015 meant a launch of three start-up companies depending on the medical research.

The University of Massachusetts has been continuously working hard on increasing the quality and the results of the research, investing in the industry and development – especially in the past five years, reaching for funding and a high quality staff. Within the last 20 years the University of Massachusetts managed to earn more than $34 million from licensing the research and it´s commercialization in the last fiscal year. That is more than a 10 % increase in comparison to 2014 and lands the University of Massachusetts within the top 40 universities in the United States regarding the research activities and patents. According to the survey done by the Association of University Technology Managers, University of Massachusetts usually belongs to the Top 15 national universities with the highest income derived from academic research.

The rewarded patents include robot inventions or a new medical way in regenerating a wounded tissue, but there are further research projects lined up for the University of Massachusetts. The activity of university increases the visibility of academic technology and innovation and is able to promote the inventions not only in the academia but also among the wide public.

The University of Massachusetts is a public university and was founded in 1863 and has more than 24 thousand students in offered 95 undergraduate majors, 74 master’s and 47 doctoral programs. Furthermore, it takes on board almost 1700 international students that enrich the local environment and help the University excel. The University of Massachusetts remains well known world-wide for its cutting-edge research and increasingly better results in the Higher education sector.