The two-day Technology Expo event located in London Vinopolis, introduced the newest technologies and innovations. The goal of the exhibition was to inspire, amaze and educate all the people involved. The Technology Expo that taking place in Grand Halls & Academia areas brought together prestigious developers, new and existing brands, technology providers, skilled marketers, fashionable designers and innovators.

The exhibition with the motto “Tomorrows Technology Today” also elaborated on how the technologies and their future evolvement impact the businesses. The event took place on October 5-6, 2015. The entrance fee ranged from a free pass up to £475 for the Golden Pass covering both days. The Expo was dedicated to feature the Contextual Technologies and Augmented Reality conference tracks. In addition, there was an opportunity for the visitors to attend and take part in workshops and showcases. The subtopics were Contextual Tech, AR Tech, VR Tech, 3D Tech and Emerging Tech.

ElectronicsThe Contextual Technology part contained themes of Mobile devices, social media, data, sensors and location and offered the participants the range of the trending discussion questions. The Augmented Reality Technology part provided effective ways of delivering information and interaction of people.

Moreover, more than 70 speakers gave speeches and interacted with the audience about new waves of technology and the new possibilities of engagement and synergy with them. The Expo connected not only the providers, but also the current successful leaders and explored the options of adopting and developing new technologies. The Expo also explored the way we develop and influence the new advanced technologies for the upcoming years. However, it also raised a question to what extend are we going to be explored by the new technologies and what directions are we going to be led into.

The world of advanced technology was opened for the partners, exhibitors, speakers and visitors. The Expo had underlined the issue of the urgency of the need of a pro-active relationship with the technology devices and the need of keeping up, as any kind of lingering can be harming and making our lives difficult.

During those days in the beginning of October the Tech Expo in London introduced and explored the possibilities of combining Contextual Tech, AR Tech, VR Tech, 3D Tech and Emerging Tech. During the panels the current situation of the technologies was described as well as the way of using them most effectively. Lastly, the future technology development was drafted as a premise of embracing the higher level solutions.