Serving emerging Scholars around the world

GEA’s primary goal is to recognise and respond to the needs of emerging scholars of humanities and social sciences across the MENA region.

In an increasingly globalised social and academic environment, it is more important than ever for young scholars to publish internationally and pursue the best degrees and professional qualifications.  This is where GEA’s unrivalled expertise and tailor-made support can make the difference.


Removing Barriers

GEA’s mission is to tackle the two main obstacles for emerging scholars of humanities – language and financial barriers.

To be published in English you do not necessarily need to be fluent in English. If your English is not perfect but your work has already been published in your own language we can help to prepare it for publication in English.

GEA offers the highest quality proof reading, editing and translation of your research in an interactive process.

We provide feedback at each stage, helping you to learn the research, structuring and referencing skills required for international publication.