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Global Elite Alliance offers scholarship, training and publishing opportunities for Middle Eastern scholars. Our aim is to enhance the skills and status of emerging ‘scholars and academics’ in the Middle East & North Africa. Pursuing prosperity and development in any society is pioneered by skilful elites who gain the trust and confidence of local as well as global players/markets, i.e. governments, international organisations, multinational and local corporations.

We recognise that only through a skilled-driven education and training, the social capital of any society can be appropriately seized upon. Education without internationally recognised skills to utilize and implement of the learned knowledge can just do little.

GEA offers the opportunity to scholars in humanities and social sciences to enhance their skills, develop international profiles, and achieve professional success at home and abroad.

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Working Globally

London, Beirut, Tehran, Riyadh & Boston

Global Elite Alliance offers scholarship, training and publishing opportunities for Middle Eastern scholars and professionals in number of major countries in the MENA region.

We are working to expand our global network of representatives to connect with local educational and training institutions in the Middle East and North Africa.

GEA aims to help scholars working in Arabic or Persian to overcome language barriers and publish in English.  We believe lack of fluency in English should not be an obstacle for scholars of humanities to access to broader audiences.


Our Core Values

Our aim is to provide the very best quality service for you and always to exceed your expectations of us.


Our Partners

The Ravand Institute
Northeastern University
Knightsbridge Trading Academy
London School of English

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